Application Letter

Jl. Tenggilis Mejoyo W-24
T : 031-2981000
HP: 081330245751

27 February 2009

Iwan Zuhriyanto
Human Resources Manager
PT Bagi Bagi Duit (B2D)
Surabaya Barat

Dear Mr Zuhriyanto

I wish to apply for the position of Accounting Staff that was advertised in Buletin Info Kerja on 21 February 2009.

I have over one year experience as an Accounting with PT. Gulung Tikarand have experience of a wide variety of pattern techniques. My computerskills are very good, and I have an excellent record as a reliable, productive employee.

I am looking for new challenges and the posistion of Accounting Staff
sounds the perfect opportunity. Your organisation has an enviable record
innovation in investor financial cosultant, and an excellent reputation as an
employer, making the position even more attractive.

I enclose my CV for your inspection and look forward to hearing from you
soon. I am available for interview at your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Challenge


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